Aleksander Goloshchapov

International Grandmaster
Professional Coach


Individual and group training

Lessons are given via Skype using the function of Share Your Screen & video. With the help of my individual technique I identify the strengths and weaknesses of the students, that allows me to select the correct direction of individual work with them.

Long-term training process includes regular on-line sessions and my constant supervision of independent work of the students. I provide my students with detailed instructions and all the necessary materials for homework. Over the years of coaching I have accumulated a rich database of methodological materials on a wide range of topics for different levels. The majority of materials include my own comments. My students also receive the necessary opening materials - the result of my 15-year analytical work.

In addition to regular online communication, I conduct periodic face to face individual and group sessions with my students, that increases the efficiency of our cooperation.

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I am convinced that a well-balanced training process is to be very complex. I teach my students not only opening lines, but first of all, I do my best they understand chess as it is, I show and explain general principles of the game at various levels. 

 My students begin to understand much better the significance of fighting for the center, why it is vital to aim at the fast development of the pieces, what is interplay of the forces and why it is so important in chess.

In my training process a lot of attention is paid to tactical abilities and variant calculation technique development, positional understanding and dynamic feeling, psychological aspects of chess struggle and, of course, end-game. Opening repertoire and its connection with typical middle-game is gradually being built, but it is already deliberate one based on received knowledge.

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