of Aleksander Goloshchapov

International Grandmaster
FIDE Senior Trainer
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My students become Grandmasters


  • I have always valued highly the sports component in chess. And now, being a coach, I continue to work for the result. I do my best to help my students achieve their short and long-term goals and our cooperation usually makes it possible!

    Aleksander Goloshchapov

  • Coaching is not just a job for me this is something that gets my blood moving.
    I am full of enthusiasm, energy and motivation, and when I see that my student gets really motivated, energized and is seriously determined to work hard on chess, there is nothing more I can wish for.

    Aleksander Goloshchapov

  • I give my students well-grounded knowledge, develop their practical skills, and train them to think and make decisions over the board on their own. In my strong opinion, these are cornerstones for stable chess-player's growth and achieving great results!

    Aleksander Goloshchapov

  • Being a coach, my main priority is to help my student uncover his talent fulfilling his chess and personal potential. I do my best to develop student's responsibility and discipline, as well as determination and striving for victory. I strongly believe that mostly these personal traits create champions and successful people!

    Aleksander Goloshchapov

Why to choose the school of Aleksander Goloshchapov?

Our school is the unique chess world that creates young GMs.

Join our school and put your ambitious plans into practice!

Who is our school for:

  • A young talent who sets ambitious goals in chess (IM-GM titles, professional level).
  • Parents who value time and understand the importance of a strong coach.
  • Students who are ready to work hard to achieve their goals.
  • Those who are confused by vast volume of information and feel stuck in their progress.
  • Those eager to understand their strong and weak points and systematize the training process.

Our school is NOT for:

  • Students who do not take chess seriously and play just for fun.
  • Those who are lazy or do not have time to work on chess systematically.
  • Those expecting fast results without any efforts.
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School services

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Detailed analysis of your games by Aleksander Goloshchapov

  • Finding your game strengths and weaknesses
  • Step-by-step one-year plan of improvement in your opening, middlegame and endgame
  • Selection of materials to improve your priority areas: video lessons, chessbase materials, positions for practice, books…
  • Analysis of your games with conclusions and recommendations

Individual coaching with Aleksander Goloshchapov

  • Testing and understanding your natural style
  • Comprehensive and systematic approach in developing your strengths and eliminating your weaknesses
  • Building an effective opening repertoire for your playing style. You get all necessary opening materials such as database of opening analyses, annotated model games, training videos, PDF files…
  • Recommendations on such issues as:
    • Boosting self-confidence
    • Overcoming time troubles
    • Development of positive personal qualities
    • Improving physical stamina
    • Effective scheduling of your day and training process
  • Preparation for tournaments and important games
  • Analysis of your opponent’s games, their strong and weak points
  • Practical recommendations on playing against a specific opponent: choosing an opening, exploiting his/her weaknesses, psychological aspects of the game.

Individual classes with qualified school coaches

  • The classes are conducted by GM&IM coaches according to Aleksander Goloshchapov’s and their own methods
  • Supervision of the training process and your progress by Aleksander Goloshchapov

Group training sessions by Aleksander Goloshchapov and school coaches

Groups are formed according to the students’ levels and their priorities.

The students actively participate through solving training tasks and group discussions.

Weekly online group sessions

  • 1-2 classes a week on Zoom, 2-4 hours each
  • Detailed study of the most important topics. The students receive homework in chessbase format and a PDF file with the key principles and useful practical tips
  • Analysis of students’ games. The students get the materials in chessbase format and individual recommendations

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Online group classes on Openings

  • 3-4 classes a month on Zoom, 2-4 hours each
  • Choosing the most relevant openings for the majority of students
  • Analysis of the best model games (improving the opening - typical middlegame - typical endgame connection)
  • Up-to-date relevant analyses and instructive comments

Online camps

  • 3-4 camps a year
  • 5-10 days of intensive training on Zoom, 2-4 hours a day
  • Practical training with deeper understanding of the topics covered in the group classes

Camps in India, Europe, USA/Canada

  • 7-10 days of intensive training, 6-8 hours a day
  • Lively and motivational
  • Wide variety of individual and group coaching activities
  • Unique boost of your practical skills and knowledge
  • Face-to-face interaction with coaches
  • Physical training: morning jogs, sport games
  • Opportunities to make friends from different countries

Unique learning database

Created and annotated by Aleksander Goloshchapov.

Wide range of instructive examples from playing and coaching practice of Aleksander Goloshchapov.

Materials are grouped according to students from 1400 to 2600 FIDE rating.

Constantly extended and improved.

Training materials on 40+ strategic topics

  • Development of pieces & Advantage in Development
  • The importance of Center & Strategically Important Squares
  • Fight for the Open File
  • Improving the pieces
  • How to Exchange pieces skillfully
  • Mastering Pawn Play
  • The art of Attacking chess
  • The art of Defense
  • The power of the Two bishops
  • Opposite-colored bishop middlegame
  • Exploiting a Space Advantage
  • Prophylactic Thinking
  • Converting an Advantage
  • The principle of Two weaknesses
  • Using Zugzwang in Endgame and Middlegame
  • Understanding of Static vs. Dynamic play
  • Maintaining the Tension
  • Developing Strategic vision
  • Psychology in chess and many more topics…

  The collection includes more than 7000 games, 100 hours of video and a PDF file on each topic.

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Materials on wide range of Openings

  • 1000+ files with relevant analyses and annotations
  • 1000+ model games on all openings with annotations
  • Opening repertoire for white and black for your playing style
  • 100+ hours of video on different openings
  • Strong novelties in numerous lines

  Opening analyses are constantly updated and improved.

Improving your tactical vision

  • 2000+ positions for different player levels
  • Numerous examples from Aleksander Goloshchapov and students’ games
  • a PDF file with theoretical concepts and useful practical tips

Mastering Calculation technique skills

  • 1000+ position for different player levels
  • Numerous examples from Aleksander Goloshchapov and students’ games
  • a PDF file with the key principles and useful practical tips

Endgame improvement

  • Big database on endgame technique
  • Best classical endgames
  • Database of theoretical endgames
  • PDF files on different endgames

Online tournaments for school students

  • Weekly online tournaments (rapid chess)
  • Thematic tournaments on different openings and topics

  Motivating school atmosphere – the students collaborate, compete and train together!

Webinars for school students’ parents

  • Answers to questions
  • Discussion of the most topical issues
  • General recommendations

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